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B-Day 2020

My Birthday is coming up this weekend!! I am sad that Megaplex got canceled this year as it was due to be on my Bday this saturday! oh well what can you do with covid and all.. On another note heres an updated list of some plushies I have worked on since the last update! Olyfactory brand raindbow dash mlp /// Silverwings Eevee /// Cuddlekins Wolf for EM /// Maxerout suprise bday plush! /// Maxterout fox commission /// A Charmander /// Little stitch PT 6 /// Aurora Wolf for JC /// Sarah the pink gund bear /// Yukon for skypepals /// Cuddlekins Wolf For Ultra

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Been a bit since my last update so its time to! I started making plush dicks for people interested in that.. check my /Commissions/ page for more info.. and here is a list of plush commissions I have done since my last update! enjoy! First plush dick I have made and another new V3 SPH. /// Jumbo custom made anthro ducktales Lena /// Rubber Deers /// Eevee with V2 SPH /// Jolten with V3 SPH /// Barker and Cuddlekins Wolf /// Rasha Tigeress /// New yukon modded /// BIRB plushies a phoenix & Kookaburra & Falcon /// Uni the unicorn with horse bits /// Another V2 SPH Jolteon /// Fao Lion /// Barker and Major doggo plushies /// Enjoy these adult plush !

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Still alive and kicking.. my back has been doing better since what happened a few months ago. Still stiff but at least able to get around pretty good now.. do have intermediate pain off and on depends on the day and my movement but working through it and still modding plushies with all this covid madness going on.. (June 2 Edit: And the mass riots/looting).. I wanted to make an update that I am still kicking and have a little updated list of some plushies Ive modded recently. Cream Bunny! /// Bonnet Bunny! /// Aurora Flopsie Deer /// Another mid sized stitch /// Some plush cars! /// Anonamos Smoke Wolf /// Marie the pink french mare! /// Bunnelope /// BAB Toothless /// “Wolf” /// Yukon Mush /// Aurora Wolf /// Custom Anthro MLP Celestia /// Pawlette /// Ubermagi Wolf /// Perfect Dotty /// Aquil Sharky /// Zander Sharky /// Stacysaurus /// Perdita Dalmatian /// German Shark /// Brillotter Wolf /// More plushies to come soon! thanks!

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I didn’t want to make a post about this virus but because of the current situation going on in the world and within the USA there are delays getting plush shipments and materials in from orders through direct retailers online and getting shipments from customers and sent back out to customers. USPS/UPS/FEDEX is prioritizing essential items for shipments right now so unfortunately expect delays.

Ideally still will be 2 to 4 weeks to mod and ship but I cannot give exact certain time frames at the moment as it depends on each shipment where it is coming from and where it is going to. I will continue to mod plushies and update when they are finished and send their tracking numbers when they ship out, thanks for the understanding and patience during these unprecedented times.

Update June 6th: Also now the mass protesting/rioting/looting..

Update July 1st: Modding times should be back to normal for the most part now.~

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Unfortunately due to me being in and out of the hospital the past few days since Tuesday (FEB 11th).. current plush mods will be having a slight delay coming out.. I found out after I sustained injuries from my exams, xrays and mris that I have two really bad herniated discs in my lower back (L4 and L5).. that is causing many issues.. I am not able to stand or walk currently… You may still /contact/ me if you wish and I am taking donations for medical bills if you are feeling generous enough… Just giving an update I’ll edit this post when possible.. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Pray for me.

Edit: 2/19/2020 I just got back and able to walking some, since last Tuesdays incident. I have started modding again periodically as well today and will send commissions out when I can. Thanks for the thoughts and prays.

3/2/2020 Update: I am doing better. Still hurting but recovering. Going back to a normal modding schedule but have a number of plushies to get caught up on. Please bear with me during this process and thank you.

5/26/2020 Update: Depends on the day/week working with restricted movement and pain in my back, just trying to be careful not to get re-injured and regain core strength while getting back into stretching and exercising.

6/26/2020 Update: I am doing much better now and back to walking and modding plushies like normal! thanks so much for the support!