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Hyper Busy Megaplex Birthday

Since I got back I have been hyper busy! In my next post I’ll link a number of plushies I have modded since returning from my road trip. But for now its time for Megaplex!

There will be a number of panels (Like the multiple inflate and plush panels that I will be going to among some others!) Ill be in my otter fursuit! So if you see me and wanna say hey or hang poke me!

Also near the end of this month is my Birthday! August 22! so this will be another very busy month for me!

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Summer Holiday

Wanted to make a post that starting next week (June 13th) I will be out of town on a country long road trip I have planned for vacation. Will be driving from Florida to California and back. Will return home around July 11th. Because of this there will be a delay getting out plushies between that time and the backlog that will be caused from that.

Edit: 7/17/2022 I returned home a bit later then expected. I am now back to modding. I am sorry for any delays this has caused.

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Personal Emergency

Just been dealing with a private personal emergency. Both emotionally and physically the last few weeks which caused a few delays but now back on track just wanted to mention it. Working through it. And since my last post heres a list of plushies I have modded since that update. /// Jumbo Stitch For Snowball /// Hawaiian Angel For J.M /// Hawaiian Angel For J.H /// Celebrate Kangaroo For Spirit Dragon /// Perfect Cub Unicorn for Chiliofthepeppers /// Cuddlekins Wolf For SwedishWay /// BAB GSD For Pupdante /// Cuddly Corgi For Max /// BAB Spots For SapienVon /// Perfect Jumbo Rudolph For P.B /// Lets Celebrate Pink Heart Pony /// Perfect GF Deer For Eatdrumsleep /// BAB GSD For RugievĂ­t /// The Petting Zoo Macaw For Lore /// Aurora Yukon Husky For X.S /// Perfect Aurora Big Foxxie Super Flopsie For Josh /// Wild Republic Fox For Fox /// Wild Republic Fox For W.R /// Pokemon Center Pichu /// Basspro Wolf For Armor1093 /// Bearington Domino Tuxedo Cat For Alpha Lupi /// Bearington Manny Cat For Alpha Lupi /// Japanese Lottery Eevee /// Anna Club Plush Wolf For Logan /// Jumbo BAB Pawlette For Willow /// Goffa Kangaroo For Defqon /// Cuddlekins Wolf For Darkanine /// Perfect Custom Budsies Space Dog For Cosmo /// BAB reindeer for myself /// Valpak Dragon For BaxterKangaroo /// BAB Chase For BojackSugarman ///