Japanese Lottery Eevee (Commission Sold)

This Eevee plush was commissioned by a slutty Pichu (Space, USA) 3 / 11 / 2022

Modded with a cookie SPH using pink lush plush material, sized to fit the customer! and Perfect for pokemon training!

If you would like your own plush modded contact me at HAWTFUR@GMAIL.COM … Thanks for viewing!



Some addtional info on this special Plush..

“Pokemon Eievui & Antique Plush Doll 23″ Ichiban Kuji lottery plush.

“This plush is featured in the latest 番くじ Pokémon Eievui&Antique Lottery.

Arguably one of the cutest Pokemon in the World of Pokemon, Eevee has become a favorite amongst all fans. Eevee’s popularity has been growing in the past few years and this VERY LIMITED Plush is part of the first Pokemon Lottery of 2018 to focus on the adorable Pokemon.

Every year in Japan hosts Lotteries that offer many different themed events with all sorts of prizes from popular Anime and other Japanese culture. This ‘B’ Plush is the highest prize you can win from the 一番くじ Pokémon Eievui&Antique lottery. Each location is limited to only to only 3 ‘B’ Prizes that are available to win.

To participate in the Ichiban Kuji Lottery you would first buy a ticket from: FamilyMart, Circle K, Sunkus, Lawson, Ministop, Other Convenience Stores, Bookstore, Hobby Shop, or Game Centers or Video Arcades ONLY IN JAPAN.

Each ticket you purchase, which is 620円(Yen) gives you a chance to win any of the prizes in that event’s lottery. Like all the other Ichiban Kuji Lotteries, this prize is NOT SOLD IN STORES. It was only available through the lottery.

As of 10 MAR 2018 this lottery is still active and is selling out VERY FAST! With the lotteries popularity here in Japan and the fact that the prizes are only made in very limited quantities, making these lottery prizes VERY RARE and VERY COLLECTIBLE!”