HawtFur officially has started today! <3 Based in sunny Florida! Was a concept I had for a few years prior and had made a few SPHS in private for friends, a couple individuals stepped in and convinced me to make a website. Became popular, now actively making plush toys for all those people out there that would love their favorite life long plush pal modded for them ^^ very fun work. Hope to continue years from now.

Can you believe it has been a year already? I cannot!.. already some observations I have made over this year.
That every customer is very different, unique people, some will share their whole lives with you while others just share an email or two, but with each relationship and friendships were made. Changed them from customers into family and I wouldn’t give it up for anything. Noticed that dogs, wolfs, huskies, and horses have been the most popular plushies.. regardless. Also was contacted by 2 television programs this year to talk about my business, wild. Thanks so much everyone for the opportunity to mod plushies!

2014 – March/7/2015
Hey should give another update, things for HawtFur has been pretty great, lots of very kind and patient customers been very pleased that I am making so many plush lovers happy out there. Looking forward to do this for many years to come. new opportunities and new furriends! It truly has been a joy thanks to all my customers for their support from.. but let me just say I am very happy and glad to have modded many plushies for people around the world. lets see what the future holds.

2015 – 2017
Still modding plushies (: of course getting to work with new and different plushies all the time, and of course some old classic plush as well. Its been fun, thanks for the past 5 years to my customers. Would really like to work on some more large jumbo plushies in the future, just a thought! and more stitces of course!

I need to put a 2k18 OMG THIS IS LIT MEMES update sometime and update the past commission list below~

Thanks to these past customers and friends that have helped me continue this website and mod plushies.

Slot 1: Mid Disney Stitch Plush (Finished Paid Shipped) – Regandor
Slot 2: Bluebun & Hopper (Finished Paid Shipped) – Pesquino Otter
Slot 4: Fetch (Finished Paid Shipped) – Blizzard Husky
Slot 6: Rabbit (Finished Sold Shipped) – Germany
Slot 7: Mew (Finished Shipped) – Arty
Slot 8: Archimedes & Shiloh (Finished Paid Shipped) – Jonathan
Slot 9: Sasha husky (Finished Paid Shipped) – Brian
Slot 10: Roxy Wolf (Finished Paid Shipped) – Matt
Slot 11: Dragonite & Dolphin & White-Alligator & Sea-Otter (Finish Paid Shipped) – Ethan
Slot 12: 3 hole Bear (Finished, Shipped) – vzzjjq
Slot 13: Big bear dragoness – (Finished Paid Shipped) – Brian
Slot 14: Jupitor 5 foot husky plush (Finished Paided Shipped) – Ethan
Slot 15: 12″ Little Disney stitch (Finish Paid Shipped) – Fox Majik
Slot 16: Dalmatian & 22″ stitch (Finished Paid Shipped) – CookiezLR
Slot 17: Shunk Plush (Finished Paid Shipped) – Martin
Slot 18: Umbreon (Modded Paid Shipped) – Prot3y
Slot 19: Luncario (Modded Shipped) – Lynkx
Slot 20: Cuddlekins Wolf (Modded, Paid, Shipped) – Robert
Slot 21: Pinkie Pie (Modded Paid Shipped) – Adam
Slot 22: Winnie the Pooh Rabbit (Modded, Paid, Shipped) – Kitsunenomen
Slot 23: Shashi & Amy (Modded, Paid, Shipped) – Slyspirit
Slot 26: Pink Easter Bunny (Modded, Paid, Shipped) – Veis
Slot 28: BD Husky w/ Realistic Husky Plush & Aurora Yukon (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Jorlack
Slot 29: BD Husky w/ Aurora Yukon (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Jap
Slot 30: Lasse Border Collie (Paid, Modded Shipped) – Nagi
Slot 31: Royal Rainbow Dash (Paid, Shipped) – Nurse Dashie
Slot 32: Rox Dobermen (Modded, Sold) – [Sold]
Slot 33: Supermush (Modded, Paid, shipped) – Kye
Slot 35: Puff the magic dragon (Modded, paid, shipped) – Whiplash
Slot 36: Feista Tiger (Modded, paid, shipped) – kisu finland
Slot 38: Mara and Dewgong (Modded, Paid, Picked Up) – Hyena0
Slot 39: Julia Rabbit (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Matt Utah
Slot 40: Jessi Tiger (Modded Paid, Shipped) – Varian
Slot 42: Foxie Plush (Modded paid shipped.) – Craig
Slot 43: Horse Plush (Modded paid shipped) – Reyn
Slot 45: Wolf Plush (modded, paid shipped.) – Lush / fox e wolf
Slot 46: Dialga (Modded paid shipped) – gearzero
Slot 47: Buildabear cutie bear (Modded, paid, shipped) – vveexx
Slot 48: BAB Pinkie pie (Modded, paid, shipped) – bigredbeard
Slot 49: Dirty stitch & Rainbow Dash (Modded, Paid, Shipped) – Foxflame
Slot 50: Snow horse (Modded, paid, Shipped) – Stevec
Slot 51: BAB Rainbow Dash (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Sirus
Slot 52: Yukon Husky (Paid, Modded, shipped) – Jay
Slot 53: Anushka (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – SteveW
Slot 54: Rox Puppy (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – TM2
Slot 55: Joey The Black Bear (Herm Modded, Paid, Shipped) – Youko Shinryu
Slot 56: Neeka, 3 foot anthro tigerness plush (Modded, Paid, Shipped) – Aero
Slot 57: 2 Wolf plushies, cuddlekins & little wolf (Modded, Paid, Shipped) – Kijeron
Slot 58: Cobalion & Virizion (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – TX
Slot 59: Husky Sled Dog Malamute (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – JustinC
Slot 60: Pinkie-pie (Paid, SPH modded, Hair Modded, Shipped) – [hobo]GTW
Slot 61: Holly Aurora Husky (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Brian
Slot 62: Cuddlekins Wolf (Paid, Modded, Shipped) Lorgenz
Slot 63: Cuddlekins Wolfy (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – David/Axelfox
Slot 64: Tigris (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – CraigB
Slot 65: 2 Lifelike tigers (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Kisu
Slot 66: Svetlana (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – K Husky
Slot 67: Aria (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – freshi85 / FP
Slot 68: Yoshi (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Rick
Slot 69: Emily the Equine (Auctioned Off) – Sold
Slot 70: Vaporeon (Paid, Modded, Pickup) – Hyena0
Slot 71: Cuddlekins Wolf (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – KerryH
Slot 72: Heidi Bernese Dog (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – doggystyle
Slot 73: Royal Fluttershy (Modded) – Sean Aus
Slot 74: Fluttershy (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – rlemeuse
Slot 75: MLP AJ (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – threesix
Slot 76: Dolphin Plush (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Gearzero
Slot 77: Barney Dinosaur (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Ryan
Slot 78: Two Nala Plushies (Paid, Modded, Shipping) David Wat
Slot 79: Zebra (Paid, Modded, Shipping) – Chase H
Slot 80: Princess Pony/Lola Bunny (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – frobac
Slot 81: Luna Cuddlekins Wolf (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Ravusy W
Slot 82: Dazzler (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Aaron D
Slot 83: Luna Aurora (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Robert
Slot 84: Little Lamp (Paid, Modded Shipped) – Patrick
Slot 85: Sophie (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – John H
Slot 86: Jagg Wolf (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Justin
Slot 87: Wild Rep Tiger (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Echo
Slot 88: Neon (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – neonthehusky
Slot 89: Lyall (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Tarquil S
Slot 90: Maya (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Scott A
Slot 91: Giant Plush Bear! (Paid, Modded Shipped) – David W
Slot 92: Big Fox (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Daryl L
Slot 93: Cuddlekins Wolf (Paid Modded Shipped) – Terale
Slot 94: Rainbow Dash MLP (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Astral Ace
Slot 95: Aurora Husky (Paid, Modded, Awaiting Shipped) – Kaisu Beast
Slot 96: Nala Plush (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – John H
Slot 97: Yoreha Husky (Gift. Modded Shipped) – Micah
Slot 98: Jumbo Stitch (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Donnie O
Slot 99: Cuddlekins Wolf (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – LaVi
Slot !100!: Gen 1 Aurora Husky Mush! & Sassy (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Scott A
Slot 101: Blue Bunny (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Andrew F
Slot 102: Super Mush (Paid, Modding, Shipped) – Michael P
Slot 103: Stitch Plush (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Wildfire Blake
Slot 104: Cuddlekins White Tiger (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Sammy B
Slot 105: Jagg Racoon (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Deihnyx
Slot 106: Peaches (Paid, Modded, Shipped) Angel M
Slot 107: Mid Stitch (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Afur
Slot 108: Horse Plush (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Chase H
Slot 109: Custom Fox (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – LeonFox
Slot 110: Yukon Husky (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Jacobin
Slot 111: White Wedding Rabbit (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Pbf
Slot 112: Yukon Husky (Modded Gift) – John
Slot 113: Teeth Stitch Auction (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Artur
Slot 114: Wisteria (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – John M
Slot 115: Jagg Wolf (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Okamif
Slot 116: Stitch (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Austin D
Slot 117: Judy (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Attorey A
Slot 118: Husky (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Ember M
Slot 120: Jade Dog (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Dobie P
Slot 121: Red Fox (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Justin S
Slot 122: Umbreon (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – AeroWolf C
Slot 123: Cloud Pony (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – Grabby
Slot 124: Snoop Doggy (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – Ryan L
Slot 125: M-Mouse – (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – Ket Ralus
Slot 126: Clarissa – (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – Robert S
Slot 127: Snowdrift – (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – Defqon
Slot 128: Toriel (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – AnonWolf
Slot 129: Rita (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – GrayZener
Slot 130: Pinkie Pie (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – WolfGang
Slot 131: Mush Husky (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – Nevisto
Slot 132: Jamie Tiger (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – John P
Slot 133: Toriel (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – NinjaPizzaCat
Slot 134: Sarafina (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – Nightwolf
Slot 135: Rainbowdash (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – Jason A
Slot 136: Cuddlekins Wolf (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – neonhusky
Slot 136: Simba (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – Boofer!
Slot 137: Nala (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – Brennan W
Slot 138: Roo (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – Defqon
Slot 139: FlutterShy + 2 Stitches (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Robert
Slot 140: Yoshi (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – Benjamin K
Slot 141: Mimikyu (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – Cedrick B
Slot 142: Cuddlekins Wolf (Paid, Modding, Shipped.) – Kyukon
Slot 143: Stitch (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – The Fox
Slot 144: Nala (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – John H
Slot 145: Nala (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – Ryan S
Slot 146: Primarina (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – Haruki R
Slot 147: Tiger (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – LoganM
Slot 148: Marbles (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – Tekkita
Slot 149: Freya (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – Blue Winter
Slot 150: Duchess (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – LC NOoSE IV
Slot 151: Sarabi (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – Hepcat
Slot 152: Daisy (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – Defqon
Slot 153: Butterscotch Palomino (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – Jason M
Slot 154: Coco (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – Richard
Slot 155: Marley (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – Dobie
Slot 156: Pink Lush Sleeve+Toy (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – Inorex
Slot 157: Stella Mare (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – Tajiro
Slot 158: Serenade MLP (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – David
Slot 159: Stitches (Paid, Modded, Shipped) – Roland
Slot 160: Lolou (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – Jared B
Slot 161: Umbreon & Glaceon (Paid, Modded, Shipped.) – Arianna

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