Plush Commissions: OPEN!

Updated 6/24/2017

Price of plush commissions will depend on what type’s of mods you want done and the types of materials used so..

Wanna Commission? Contact me~ <-

– Added a request form for customers getting a commission done. Helps me keep track of mods and get finished quicker.

Commissions are for my customers that wish to send me in their plush for me to mod.
Wanted to notate that I do not make plushies themselfs, I modify plushies that are already made.

Keep in mind measurements will be needed of yourself as well as noted if you plan to use any toys like fleshlights,
bad dragon / zeta toys types of toys as I can customize each mod to fit what you request.

Shipping cost to you depends on location and size / weight of the plush boxed. Shipping out from Florida. Packages sent will
be in discrete plain brown boxes. With no markings or indications of HawtFur unless pacifically requested other wise.

Once commissions are completed and shipped out there will be no returns or refunds for obvious reasons.

Link —> Active / updated live commission list is on my furaffinity account! to keep up to date with my mods.

SPH (Strategically Placed Hole) v1: Can be any colors and material you wish.
Usually I use a satin insert. That is measured to size, can be made to fit fleshlights
and bad dragon toys as requested.. then fabricated, hand sewn into a plush.
Keep in mind insert cannot be removed. Pussy, tailhole & muzzle mods can be done.

Link -> Contact me for V1 SPHs Pricing!
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Choose the colors! and materials! that you want! =^ 3^=

SPH (Strategically Placed Hole) v2: Can be any materials or colors wished. This one is more unique as the SPHs inserts can be removed to clean. As well as the SPH can be closed up for those customers that want their plushies to be able to become incognito with aid of an invisible zipper, or use of metal snaps..

Link -> Contact me for V2 SPHs Pricing!

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You can also get additional inserts with your order so you can have different types
of materials to switch between, just ask price depends on materials you want~

SPA (Strategically Placed Appendage) v1: Basically modded similar to the SPH mods, its a pouch sewn in the plush that is fitted with elastic bands so the bases or knots of toys like Bad Dragon, Zeta Toys, Etc can fit within it.

Please just mention which toys you are planning to use with your plush so I can get measurements. Your plush also has a zipper so your toy can be removed and the mod hidden, great for girls or guys that want a nice hot appendage sticking out on their favorite plush!. Happy Riding! Link -> Contact me for SPAs Pricing!

I highly recommend you watch the spa video as it goes far more into detail — >
More example images and videos will come as I work on them..
More images below of my SPA design on Baxter.

Baxter SPA Mod powered by XTube

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This is an example of a Herm mod as it has both a SPA and SPH. So your plush could be a boy or a girl depending on what mood you are in.. prices depend on what you want done.. More info and pictures can be found here!

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^3^ Thanks for viewing my work! hope you have enjoyed! xoxo <3

Ime the horse powered by XTube

Some Other Video Tutorials I Have Done. Plush.Yiff Thread About Videos. Password to all xtube videos is the number 69
Most of these videos are of me modding different plushies and then talking about steps while I am making them. Then showing them off after I have finished modding them. / Umbreon / Tymber / Fluffy Stitch / Pinkie Pie / Shunk / Star / Rabbit / BD Mare / Modding Amy / Amy Modded / Riley

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