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Been a bit since my last update so its time to! I started making plush dicks for people interested in that.. check my /Commissions/ page for more info.. and here is a list of plush commissions I have done since my last update! enjoy! First plush dick I have made and another new V3 SPH. /// Jumbo custom made anthro ducktales Lena /// Rubber Deers /// Eevee with V2 SPH /// Jolten with V3 SPH /// Barker and Cuddlekins Wolf /// Rasha Tigeress /// New yukon modded /// BIRB plushies a phoenix & Kookaburra & Falcon /// Uni the unicorn with horse bits /// Another V2 SPH Jolteon /// Fao Lion /// Barker and Major doggo plushies /// Enjoy these adult plush !