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Insert Generic Memes Title

Been super busy as always! my next post will be showcasing some new plushies Ill be listing up for sale! But until then heres all the plushies I worked on since my last news post notating them~ Enjoy! Basspro Deer For furrypawstar /// Perfect Aurora Okapi For Cory /// Pokemon Center Jolteon & Flareon For ANON /// Basspro Wolf For Dat Random Fur /// Basspro Wolf For K.C /// Lets Celebrate Husky For K.C /// BAB Candy Glisten For Cream Panic /// Yukon Husky For T.C /// Perfect Rubber Jumbo Stitch For C.L /// BAB Leafeon For Renard /// BAB GSD For Dat_Random_Fur /// Lets Celebrate Jumbo Fennec Fox For Armor1093 /// Lets Celebrate Jumbo Fennec Fox For J.M /// BAB Paw Patrol Everest For Bojack /// Barney For Baron Barronn /// Eevee For Greymalkin /// Burrow Bunny For Crinkles Bunny /// Wild Republic Fox For Anonymous /// Basspro Wolf J.R /// Basspro Deer For Danny Deer /// Basspro Wolf For Felbrex /// Basspro Wolf For D.P /// Perfect Messila & Doug Standing Horse For Lucky /// Spirit Horse For Lucky /// Ikea Benese For Violet ///

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Hyper Busy Megaplex Birthday

Since I got back I have been hyper busy! In my next post I’ll link a number of plushies I have modded since returning from my road trip. But for now its time for Megaplex!

There will be a number of panels (Like the multiple inflate and plush panels that I will be going to among some others!) Ill be in my otter fursuit! So if you see me and wanna say hey or hang poke me!

Also near the end of this month is my Birthday! August 22! so this will be another very busy month for me!