BAB Stars Bunny (Commission Sold)

This Build A Bear Brand 17″ inch Tall Bunny Plush is modifiable and is to J.I (HI, USA) 9 / 25 / 2023

Modded with a yellow lush plush SPH sized to fit fleshlight toys. (Used an Alien fleshlight as example in photo gallery).

Has a cream colored overcoat with white star ears and foot paw prints.
The joints connecting the legs and arms to the torso have ball barrings in them so the limps do swivel and are pose-able but do have that hard casing around them on the inside, just a heads up.
This plush comes dressed in black bab branded shoes, a blue denim skirt and white reindeer shirt.
(Images in photo gallery are EXAMPLES of what plush will look like once finished.)
Cost covers plush, materials, modding and shipping. Sex toys not included.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Check out my /commissions/ page to see additional information and pictures of my mods.
If you would like a custom commission done make sure to contact me at HAWTFUR@GMAIL.COM

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