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Megaplex 2021

Wanted to make an update that I will be going to Megaplex 2021 in Orlando Florida so I will be gone for a bit.

If you happen to be going to the Plush Panel or to the Inflate Panel this year and see me feel free to say Hey!

I have listed up a number of new smaller plushies for sale on my /Plushies/ page. Might wanna check out if that interests you~

Also I have been exceeding busy with commissions as well here is a list of some plushies I have modded since my last update.

Perfect Lucario For Luca /// Build A Bear Eevee For Jarchive /// Aurora Cream Horse For MTwarudo MTsoaru /// Peregrine Falcon For Avem /// Jumbo Thumper for T.S /// Barrunn Plushies /// Wild Republic EcoKins Wolf For Josh /// Japanese Eevee For Chicory Pinkfoxfluff /// Jumbo Aurora MLP Rainbow Dash For HellRazor /// Aurora Yukon Husky For A.H /// Aurora Yukon Husky For J.E /// Aurora Yukon Husky For J.J /// Wild Republic Fox For Zodiark /// Aurora Camilla Jumbo Cheetah For B.V /// Jumbo Disney Stitch For RedRun /// Brown Bear For Daniellll /// Aurora Yukon Husky for J.H /// Fiesta Giraffe For S.G /// Disney Jumbo Angel For M.J /// Cuddlekins Wolf For T.M /// Cuddlekins Wolf For I.S /// Anthro Passport Horse For D.H /// Cuddlekins Wolf For N.C /// Alpacasso Alpaca For AtlasX20X /// Yoshi For Muffin /// Rubber Bambi For Omen /// Jaag Giant Black Wolf For Drew ///