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Site Revamp

So the site is gonna be looking a bit different, I had to update to the newer php 7.0 on my web host.. to do so WordPress needed updating and thus my old theme (Abundance) is no longer working, isn’t supported/updated to work with WordPress 5+.. trying to get everything sorted and working again.. need to recreate some pages like the /commissions/ page and having just a few issues with the back-end coding for direct ordering plushies on the site with woocommerce.. so doing some TLC!! edit: everything has been fixed/updated! site is back~

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Interesting Proposal

*sticky post for now due to popularity*

Thought this toy might be interesting to some people, its the “dual mare toy”! with a use-able pussy and tail hole! and its much better quality then bad dragon toys too :O!

[I wanted to notate if you want this toy modded with your plush the dimensions for it is 5 inches height by 2.5 wide by 9 inches long] So if you have a plush bigger then that it can be modded in!

If you would like a horse plush modded with this mare toy just let me know (: email HAWTFUR@GMAIL.COM :3

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Lost Track

I don’t recall the last up to date plush profile that I have posted here on the blog.. so Ill just do the last page of plushies I have modded.. starting from newest to older.. Dark Brown Bear /// Another jumbo sized stitch! /// Some nice cow plushies! /// A green dragon plush /// Petting zoo brand cheetah /// Yukon Snow Husky /// Jumbo Red Panda /// Toriel! /// A BAB Horse /// Jumbo Lion Guard /// A nala cub plush! /// Alphine cuddlekins wolf /// And with that I THINK I am back up to date on postings.