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Gmail Just Why?

It has come to my attention today that Gmail has been marking/hiding/blocking some customers emails as spam the last month or so and I do not know why. I will be checking my spam folder often now because of this. If you have sent a prior email recently that has not been replied to by me please do so again just in case I didn’t get it.

I also wanted to use this news post to reply back to a certain customer as their email service is no longer in use when I replied to them but maybe (hopefully) they will be able to see this post and message me again. Thank you for the descriptive email providing all the info I needed! I would love to mod your wolf plush if you’re still interested James. Thanks.

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What a wild past year its been, I have learned some valuable lessons about not taking anything for granted, especially not ones time and health. To appreciate what you have and is given. Because you really never know how good things are until they are taken away from you.

Since Tundras passing I have been a bit behind in modding, and for this I am truly sorry. I still have some backlogged plushies to finish and between the busy holidays with friends and family, my dogs death, back issues and getting sick (not covid, got tested) there has been delays.

Best estimate time frame I can give for plushies to be modded and shipped still remains 2 to 8 weeks give or take. Thank you for your understand and patient during this time.

Here are some of the plushies I have modded since my last blog update BaB GSD for JH /// C.D Cuddlekins Wolf /// Dukes Medium Angel /// Small Rudolph /// Jumbo Rudolph /// Lore Fox /// DH Barker /// Lit Stitch Pt7 /// Cuddlekins Wolf For RedHuskyWolf /// Cuddlekins Wolf For Firewolf28r /// Cuddlekins Wolf For DestructiveTones /// Cuddlekins Wolf For dpt420k /// Plow Hearth Beagle /// Medium Angel For DarkBird /// Perfect Herm Jumbo Stitch /// Scooby Doo /// Timberwolf /// Jumbo Stitch & Jumbo Angel /// Autumn /// Fluffy Stitch /// Basspro Wolf /// BAB Alolan Princess Vulpix /// Jumbo Angel for Dustybristle /// Little Angel for Senali /// Basspro Wolf for SimonTheDoggo /// Aurora Yukon for ASPWLF /// BAB Polar Bear for Yiffox /// Rose Gator /// Yani Unicorn /// Rubber Tinsel ///