Rubber Deers (Commissions Sold)

Rubberplush deers were rubberized and modded for Omen (KY, USA) 5 / 15 / 2020

These are new types of mods I was trying out using german latex rubber! and them germans really do know how to make really robust quality products! Using this material I have been making SPH inserts and also overlaying sewning (rubberizing) rubber on top the fur on certain parts of their bodies giving them quite a unique rubberplush feeling~

The two aurora deers were both a sister and a brother.. until the brother Lex got his deer bits all switch-a-roo’d into girl deer bits hehe they are super shiny and super squeaky!

Jasmens hooves, ears and tail were rubberized in dark-purple and also her belly was rubberized in dark-purple as well. Modded with a V1 Rubber SPH in black.

“Lex” got an extreme rubber make over. Modded with a V3 SPH in dark-purple rubber turning his deer bits into girl deer bits. So now named “Lexi” after her transformation was also rubberized.. with her hooves being rubberized in black, her back legs rubberized in dark-purple, her chest/belly/butt was rubberized in black and back rubberized in dark-purple. back of the head was rubberized in dark-purple and front of face was rubberized also in dark-purple. Such a good deerdrone in need of proper training.

Also this bambi plush was worked on.. a tail transplant was performed for a better fitting of the SPH and was modded with a V3 Rubber SPH in black.

And included in this order was a little dressed rabbit plush modded with a V1 Rubber SPH.

Took some behind the scenes photos displaying some templates that were sized and used for the rubber pieces and took some in the making photos of the V3 rubber insert.

If you would like your own plush modded contact me at HAWTFUR@GMAIL.COM … Thanks for viewing!