Amy (Sold)

This astronomically beautiful show pony was sold to Slyspirit. (ND USA) 3 / 31 / 2013
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She is over 40 inches from head to tail! and can fit Bad Dragons toys like the Mare! with use of elastic bands at the entrance so the toy will stay firmly in place inside of the insert, but the mareness can still be removed from the plush with ease! (as seen in the video).. with her v2 black satin SPH! along with the zipper, so you can hide “her” in plain sight =D.

Whats it feel like you might ask? just like a real horse, but much tigher. *yes I know I took some pictures of her mare toy upside down in her.. dont freak out, I like the way it looks both ways.. its not a real horse.. its just a plush not a real horse.. chill out guys either way you can fuck the toy… thx*

She also has an extremely nice saddle and reins, purrrfect for riding on top of her whenever you are bored and wanna have some extra fun before you really “ride” her.

Let me just say on a personally level I think this is the BEST SPH mod I have done to date.. everything about it came out perfectly.. It looks and feels like its just part of the horse… like thats how it came out of the factory hehe

This has been my #1 all time favorite horse! (she matches my bed sheets!) but alas it is time to pass her along to a new owner… I am just a middle point for the journey of most plushies that I get… expect for big stitch ^^;

If you happen to have any information about this plush like maker, model, brand.. please!!! contact!! me! as I cant find any others like her! there will be rewards for info.. HAWTFUR@GMAIL.COM … Thanks for viewing! xoxo



Edit: 2 / 19 / 2020 This is your otterplush self from the future. Due to filesize limitations I am now archiving these photos offsite. Big thanks to imgbox! (Might have to set “desktop view” if on mobile devices to view the image gallery below.)