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Updated: 6 / 14 / 2024
Disclaimers & TOS.. Price of commissions depends on type/amount of mod(s) wanted and complexity of work.
Wanna custom commission? -> /Contact Me/ Commissions are for customers that want to send me plushies they already own, or having shipments of plushies from online retailers sent to me for modding.
Commissions also include plush purchases directly from for modding.

Wanted to notate that I do not make plushies themselves, I modify plushies that are already made.
EVERYTHING I DO IS HAND SEWN AND CRAFTED NO MACHINE WORK is done for a focus on extreme attention to detail, quality, re-enforcement, and artistry. Everything is hand made one of a kind.

Keep in mind measurements will be needed of either “yourself” or if you are planning to use toys like.. Fleshlights / Bad-Dragon / American-Meat “DirtyInternetToys” / Etsy Toys, etc for example. These types of toys can be fitted to your modded plushies if desired.

Shipping costs to you depends on your location and size / weight of the plushies sent. I ship out from Florida and I can ship internationally. Packages sent will be in discrete plain boxes or poly mailers with no markings or indications of HawtFur for privacy.

Modding turn around time is normally four to eight weeks after receiving plush/(toys if applicable) to finish & ship.
To check my current up to date plush customers queue view -> /Current Commissions Queue List/

Through all payments are processed through PayPal. When you get to the end of the check out process you will be taken to PayPal where you can use your PayPal account or can check out using a credit or debit card via PayPal. If you contact me directly, then a PayPal invoice will be created and sent based on your specifications discussed. This will also allow you to use your PayPal account or check out using a debit or credit card via PayPal. I also take Paypal Installments “Buy now pay later” as a payment option. Check link for more info~
Once commissions are being processed I do not accept returns or refunds for multiple reasons.


SPH (Strategically Placed Hole) v1: Can be any colors and material you wish. Popular material options are lush plush, faux fur and satin. That is measured to size, can be made to fit just yourself or toys like fleshlights / bad dragons etc as requested.. then mods are hand fabricated with fabric material of your choosing and sewn over a foam core then sewn into a plush. Keep in mind this sleeve cannot be removed. Pussy, tailhole & muzzle mods can be made. [examples below]

SPH (Strategically Placed Hole) v2: Just like the version one mod this can be any materials and colors wished, popular material options are lush plush, faux fur and satin. Can be modded to fit just yourself or toys. Mods are hand fabricated out of foam, overlay-ed with fabric material desired and stuffed with poly between then sewn into a plush. Inner sleeve cannot be removed. This mod is different then the version one mod as the version two has hidden zippers so the toys can be taken out and the mods can be made incognito when not in use.
[examples below]

SPH (Strategically Placed Hole) v3: It’s a foam insert layer cut into three pieces then sewn together into a triangle shaped cookie and overlay-ed with a fabric material in each of the three sections chambered and filled with stuffing poly-fill layered between the foam base and outer fabric material, sewn together and stitched into the plush. Sleeve cannot be removed. Its like a SPH sandwich very soft and plump. Any type of materials and colors can be used. Popular material options are lush plush, faux fur and satin. No hidden zipper option for the v3 due to its design and sizing. [examples below]

SPA (Strategically Placed Appendage) v1: Basically modded similar to the SPH mods, it’s a pouch sewn into the plush that is fitted with a hidden zipper so the bases or knots of toys like Bad Dragon, Etsy Toys, Etc can be securely zipped up so toy will not fall or pull out of the plush during use. Also the mod can be zipped up without the toy inside so that it can remain incognito. [examples below]

SPA (Strategically Placed Appendage) v2: Plush Penis (peen) and optional plush balls made of whichever fabric that is requested. These can be sewn onto your plush! for the ultimate plush Role play. Note that SPHs can also be added with such mods, [examples below]

SPA (Strategically Placed Appendage) v3: Plush Sheath and plush balls to look more “K9 like”. Is made of whichever fabric wished. These mods are to make your plush realistic!. Note that SPHs can also be added with such mods, [examples below]

Herm Mod’s (Both an SPH Strategically Placed Hole and a SPA Strategically Placed Appendage): So your plush can be a boy or a girl depending on what mood you are in :3 same designs as the other SPH and SPA mods just with both options in the same plush! Has adjustable sizing for toys with use of hidden zipper. [examples below]

Fursuits Plushified: if you have a fursuit that you would like to re-purpose into a plush! also they are modifiable with SPH’s (Strategically Placed Hole) or SPA’s (Strategically Placed Appendage) as well if desired of course just like normal plushies. [examples below]

Also Plush TLC: I can also clean / repair / re-stuff older plushies as an additional service when modding. Just contact me and thanks for viewing!