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Wanted to give an update its been a hot minute! how have all my plush peeps been? Got a list of plushies I have modded since I last made an update post~ Enjoy all the links and happy holidays! Wild Republic Fox For Koma /// Wild Republic Ecokins Wolf For Martinkawes /// Basspro Wolf For SharkDude /// Melissa & Doug Jumbo Burrow Bunny For J.T /// Perfect Scooby Doo For Scrappy /// XXX /// Isabelle For Majuub /// Hello Kitty For GuyOnline /// BAB Twinkle Pony /// Rainbow Heart Unicorn For D.H /// Thomas The Dank Engine For TheTrueProphet /// Blue Dolphin For Ian /// Aurora Wolf For SongBird /// Perfect Pretty Pink Jumbo Goffa Uni /// Disney Classic Small Stitch For JT /// Disney Stitch For DP /// Perfect CreepCat Tiger For Ian /// Aurora Okapi For T.D /// Basspro Wolf For K.S /// Perfect Wild Republic SPA Fox For StandingUp /// Perfect Custom Lopunny For GoblinKingDan /// Wild Republic Fox For Purple Floof /// Melissa & Doug Burrow Bunny For D.K /// Small Disney Stitch For W.M /// BAB Dream Bear For Handyrat /// BAB GSD For Malamutt /// Kellytoy Bichon Frise /// Basspro Wolf For InfernalWolf /// Plow Hearth Siberian Husky For B.P /// Perfect Plow Hearth Fox For NozzaFox /// Wild Republic Fox For Kivis /// Plow Hearth Siberian Husky for DarktrooperA1 /// BAB Princess Bear /// Adventure Planet Wolf Cub /// HearthSong Unicorn For W.G /// Douglas Adler Bald Eagle For Sputnik /// Vermont Teddy Bear For Crinkles The Bunny /// Aurora Okapi For D.K /// BAB Twinkle Pony For D.K /// Wild Republic Fox For A.D /// Perfect Japanese Eevee For Drizzle /// Major GSD For Gjalley /// Aurora People Pals BrownTan Dog For JD /// Galarian Ponyta for GT /// Aurora Okapi For Danny Deer /// Fennec Fox For HexWolf /// King K Rool and Bowser For J.J /// BAB Pawlette Bunny /// BAB Rachel Raccoon /// Fluff and Tuff Lobo Wolf /// Thicc Teddy Bear Cub /// Otter Plush /// BAB Isabelle For Scorchingpanda /// Wild Republic Fox For Redwolf /// Wild Republic Fox For RP422 /// Basspro Wolf For H.M /// BAB GSD For uwurawrus /// Perfect BAB Hugs Teddy Bear For Handy /// TY Dalmatian Dotty /// Perfect Plow & Hearth Siberian Husky For Zealot /// Perfect Jumbo Goffa Sparkle Unicorn For Max /// Perfect CreepCat Hyena For Ian /// Build A Bear Pawlette Bunny For B.H /// Build A Bear Pawlette Bunny For J.M /// Plow & Hearth Siberian Husky For S.M /// Dressed BAB Pawlette Bunny /// Wild Republic Cub Snow Leopard /// Perfect Lapogonamorpha Canistacea For Rust /// Mariah Bunny For Clover Bunny /// Hawaiian Angel For D.F /// Prime Shiba Wolf For T.S /// Pokemon Center Pikachu /// Wild Republic Wolves For Altair /// Perfect Custom MLP Twilight For Mikazuchi /// BAB Stars Bunny /// PastelCorn Unicorn /// Perfect Aurora Big Foxxie Super Flopsie /// Wild Republic Fox For W.W /// Perfect Pinkie Pie For Max /// Wild Republic Fox For C.D /// Luxray For Myrita /// Pangcangshu Nice Jumbo Husky For CalmSoulz /// JellyCat Bunny For C.W /// Jumbo Stitch For A.B /// Wild Republic Snow Leopard For H.B /// Spirit Horse For A.P /// Perfect CreepCat Yeen For Ian /// Skoggy Bear For T.O /// Perfect CreepCat Yeen For Anon /// Plow Hearth Deer For MaliciousUnicorn /// Spirit Horse For C.P /// BAB GSD German Shepard For J.K /// Perfect Conor The GSD For Seb The Wolf /// Aurora Big Foxxie Super Flopsie For H.W /// Small Hawaiian Angel For M.V /// SOS Lion For Anon /// Pangcangshu Nice JUMBO Husky For C.S /// Fiesta Twin Red Cardinals For Avem /// Wild Republic Fox For Sol Star /// Wild Republic Tiger For R.E ///