HawtFur officially has started today! June 3rd <3 Based in sunny Florida! Was a concept I had for a few years prior and had made a few SPHS in private for friends, a couple individuals stepped in and convinced me to make a website. Became popular, now actively making plush toys for all those people out there that would love their favorite life long plush pal modded for them ^^ very fun work. Hope to continue years from now.

Can you believe it has been a year already? I cannot!.. already some observations I have made over this year.
That every customer is very different, unique people, some will share their whole lives with you while others just share an email or two, but with each relationship and friendships were made. Changed them from customers into family and I wouldn’t give it up for anything. Noticed that dogs, wolfs, huskies, and horses have been the most popular plushies.. regardless. Also was contacted by 2 television programs this year to talk about my business, wild. Thanks so much everyone for the opportunity to mod plushies!

2014 – 2015
Hey should give another update.. updated to a newer webhost, php 5.6 wordpress 4 moved site contents over and updated… Things for HawtFur has been pretty great, lots of very kind and patient customers been very pleased that I am making so many plush lovers happy out there. Looking forward to do this for many years to come. new opportunities and new furriends! It truly has been a joy thanks to all my customers for their support from.. but let me just say I am very happy and glad to have modded many plushies for people around the world. lets see what the future holds.

2016 – 2017
Still modding plushies :3 of course getting to work with new and different plushies all the time, and of course some old classic plush as well. Its been fun, thanks for the past years to my customers. Would really like to work on some more large jumbo plushies in the future, just a thought! and more stitches of course!

OMG LIT MEMES~ Updated webhost to php 7.0 and wordpress 5.0 so the site will look different now as the theme has changed and updated many of the older pages, also updated a lot of back-end stuff (plugins, coding) so the site can continue to be supported!.. Started to do direct site orders for plush mods under the /Plushies/ section which as been a huge hit for people just looking to buy straight from my website! Also wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone once again for supporting my plush work these past 7 (w0w xd nani) years!

Continuing to make dat q u a l i t y ~ c o n t e n t. Added a customer map (of general locations) to my Furaffinity page so you can check out all the plush peeps around the world over the many years of me doing modded plushies! They are on all corners of the globe and it’s pretty interesting to see! Also because of file size limitations on my webhost provider I am having to go back and remove older image galleries from previous years on Hawtfur to reserve space for the future of this site! I will be hosting the photo sets on a 3rd party off site for archived viewing in their respective profiles.

This past year has really taught me to appreciate everything, never take anything for granted especially ones health and time that we are given. Because you never know how good things are until they are taken away from you. The plush community has been a saving grace during these dark times, between Covid going on, health issues I have had.. and my dog dying.. the support from this community of customers and friends has meant more to me then anyone could ever truly know. It is the reason I keep doing this. Thanks again and hope for better year to come. I’ll be with you again soon my Tundra til then.

What can I say I have been as busy as ever making plushies for all my peeps. Thank you all for your continued understanding and patience! I’ve said this before and I’ll say again this community is amazing and I greatly appreciate all of the wonderful customers and friends I have made throughout the years doing this. Life has had its ups and downs but Imma pushing forward because of all of you. Love y’all wild animals now and forever <3.