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Personal Emergency

Just been dealing with a private personal emergency. Both emotionally and physically the last few weeks which caused a few delays but now back on track just wanted to mention it. Working through it. And since my last post heres a list of plushies I have modded since that update. /// Jumbo Stitch For Snowball /// Hawaiian Angel For J.M /// Hawaiian Angel For J.H /// Celebrate Kangaroo For Spirit Dragon /// Perfect Cub Unicorn for Chiliofthepeppers /// Cuddlekins Wolf For SwedishWay /// BAB GSD For Pupdante /// Cuddly Corgi For Max /// BAB Spots For SapienVon /// Perfect Jumbo Rudolph For P.B /// Lets Celebrate Pink Heart Pony /// Perfect GF Deer For Eatdrumsleep /// BAB GSD For RugievĂ­t /// The Petting Zoo Macaw For Lore /// Aurora Yukon Husky For X.S /// Perfect Aurora Big Foxxie Super Flopsie For Josh /// Wild Republic Fox For Fox /// Wild Republic Fox For W.R /// Pokemon Center Pichu /// Basspro Wolf For Armor1093 /// Bearington Domino Tuxedo Cat For Alpha Lupi /// Bearington Manny Cat For Alpha Lupi /// Japanese Lottery Eevee /// Anna Club Plush Wolf For Logan /// Jumbo BAB Pawlette For Willow /// Goffa Kangaroo For Defqon /// Cuddlekins Wolf For Darkanine /// Perfect Custom Budsies Space Dog For Cosmo /// BAB reindeer for myself /// Valpak Dragon For BaxterKangaroo /// BAB Chase For BojackSugarman ///