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Update Time!

Been a hot minute since my last update! here are a number of plushies I have modded since my last blog post. Melissa & Doug Jumbo Unicorn /// Little Roo /// Basspro Wolf For FrillyBunny /// Fao Lion For Hownserpenttamer /// Animal Adventure Brown Deer For Mintdrake /// Animal Adventure Silver Deer For RooLover /// K9 Cuddlekins Wolf /// Basspro Wolf For Manwam /// Niko Wolf For StrongestPower /// Cuddlekins Wolf for Rubicon85tears /// BSP Spider For Abbe /// CN Jumbo Stitch For Pythagoras /// Jumbo Red Panda For Notluigi2000 /// Aurora Yukon Husky For Smoothfox /// Aurora Wolf For Numbnutz The Wolf /// Honey For Maxerout /// Jumbo Rodolph For Omen /// Wild Republic Jumbo Cheetah For C.S /// Wild Republic Cuddlekins Wolf For Lordjayson /// Jumbo Kangaroo for N.S /// Wild Republic Fox for N.S /// Barker for TsunamiPup /// Cuddlekins Wolf for TsunamiPup /// Wild Republic Fox For Bengal /// Mishka Poodle For Cbarobosa /// Cuddlekins Wolf For HC /// Aurora Yukon Husky For HC /// Aurora Yukon Husky For N.S /// Aurora Wolf For N.S /// Daisy Deer For Tarotevan /// Small Angel Plush /// BAB Twinkle For Shojikitsune /// Cuddlekins Wolf For N.S /// Basspro Deer For G.N /// Super Mush For BlueSaberCat /// BAB GSD For D.S /// Basspro Deer For Penelope_H /// Dragonair For Shade /// Aurora Yukon Husky For R.H /// Wild Republic Fox For J.P ///

Also the featured image of this post might be a sneak peak at something interesting Ill be modding next~