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Black December

Happy Holidays! it’s been a while since my last update! lots of holiday commissions have come up and I am working through them.

Since my last post here are some of the plushies I have modded lately.

Aurora Yukon Husky For J.H /// Aurora Wolf For J.H /// Ecokins Wolf For Kai Yote /// Destination Nation Husky For Archie /// BAB GSD For F.C /// Perfect Jaag Giant Wolf For Mighty Red Wolf /// BAB GSD For SongBird /// Classic Bambi For RP422 /// Yukon Husky For C.G.C /// Perfect Aurora Wolf For C.L /// Wild Republic Cub Fox For Yuma /// Perfect Plushlife Wolf For RedHuskyWolf /// Herm Cuddlekins Wolf For Z.E /// Cuddlekins Wolf For Mighty Red Wolf /// Kirby For FireBall /// Wild Republic Fox For D.D /// Baxter Plushies /// Perfect Custom Rainbow Dash MLP /// Fiesta Sea Otter For J.H /// Winnie The Pooh Bunny For Snowball /// Jumbo Stitch For LStitch /// Aurora Wolf For Chiliofthepeppers /// Little Stitch Gift For Myself /// Aurora Camilla Jumbo Cheetah For L.K

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B-Day Otter

Hey Thanks to those that came and hung out during Megaplex it was a wonderful time! I cannot wait til next years!

That being said between Megaplex, Working with helping my mate make jewelry for his art shows, some medical stuff going on to take care of.. my Birthday coming up next week and a planned trip out of state after that. I have been exceedingly busy these past few weeks and appears will be for the following few weeks at least.

Since I have a few backed up commissions at the moment and will be booked coming up in my schedule.. as of now I am increasing the estimated wait time for plushies to be modded and shipped to 4 – 6. Which is now notated on the /plushies/ and /commissions/ page. This is based on commission volume and my allotted time frame.

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Megaplex 2021

Wanted to make an update that I will be going to Megaplex 2021 in Orlando Florida so I will be gone for a bit.

If you happen to be going to the Plush Panel or to the Inflate Panel this year and see me feel free to say Hey!

I have listed up a number of new smaller plushies for sale on my /Plushies/ page. Might wanna check out if that interests you~

Also I have been exceeding busy with commissions as well here is a list of some plushies I have modded since my last update.

Perfect Lucario For Luca /// Build A Bear Eevee For Jarchive /// Aurora Cream Horse For MTwarudo MTsoaru /// Peregrine Falcon For Avem /// Jumbo Thumper for T.S /// Barrunn Plushies /// Wild Republic EcoKins Wolf For Josh /// Japanese Eevee For Chicory Pinkfoxfluff /// Jumbo Aurora MLP Rainbow Dash For HellRazor /// Aurora Yukon Husky For A.H /// Aurora Yukon Husky For J.E /// Aurora Yukon Husky For J.J /// Wild Republic Fox For Zodiark /// Aurora Camilla Jumbo Cheetah For B.V /// Jumbo Disney Stitch For RedRun /// Brown Bear For Daniellll /// Aurora Yukon Husky for J.H /// Fiesta Giraffe For S.G /// Disney Jumbo Angel For M.J /// Cuddlekins Wolf For T.M /// Cuddlekins Wolf For I.S /// Anthro Passport Horse For D.H /// Cuddlekins Wolf For N.C /// Alpacasso Alpaca For AtlasX20X /// Yoshi For Muffin /// Rubber Bambi For Omen /// Jaag Giant Black Wolf For Drew ///

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Update Time!

Been a hot minute since my last update! here are a number of plushies I have modded since my last blog post. Melissa & Doug Jumbo Unicorn /// Little Roo /// Basspro Wolf For FrillyBunny /// Fao Lion For Hownserpenttamer /// Animal Adventure Brown Deer For Mintdrake /// Animal Adventure Silver Deer For RooLover /// K9 Cuddlekins Wolf /// Basspro Wolf For Manwam /// Niko Wolf For StrongestPower /// Cuddlekins Wolf for Rubicon85tears /// BSP Spider For Abbe /// CN Jumbo Stitch For Pythagoras /// Jumbo Red Panda For Notluigi2000 /// Aurora Yukon Husky For Smoothfox /// Aurora Wolf For Numbnutz The Wolf /// Honey For Maxerout /// Jumbo Rodolph For Omen /// Wild Republic Jumbo Cheetah For C.S /// Wild Republic Cuddlekins Wolf For Lordjayson /// Jumbo Kangaroo for N.S /// Wild Republic Fox for N.S /// Barker for TsunamiPup /// Cuddlekins Wolf for TsunamiPup /// Wild Republic Fox For Bengal /// Mishka Poodle For Cbarobosa /// Cuddlekins Wolf For HC /// Aurora Yukon Husky For HC /// Aurora Yukon Husky For N.S /// Aurora Wolf For N.S /// Daisy Deer For Tarotevan /// Small Angel Plush /// BAB Twinkle For Shojikitsune /// Cuddlekins Wolf For N.S /// Basspro Deer For G.N /// Super Mush For BlueSaberCat /// BAB GSD For D.S /// Basspro Deer For Penelope_H /// Dragonair For Shade /// Aurora Yukon Husky For R.H /// Wild Republic Fox For J.P ///

Also the featured image of this post might be a sneak peak at something interesting Ill be modding next~

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Gmail Just Why?

It has come to my attention today that Gmail has been marking/hiding/blocking some customers emails as spam the last month or so and I do not know why. I will be checking my spam folder often now because of this. If you have sent a prior email recently that has not been replied to by me please do so again just in case I didn’t get it.

I also wanted to use this news post to reply back to a certain customer as their email service is no longer in use when I replied to them but maybe (hopefully) they will be able to see this post and message me again. Thank you for the descriptive email providing all the info I needed! I would love to mod your wolf plush if you’re still interested James. Thanks.