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Black December

Happy Holidays! it’s been a while since my last update! lots of holiday commissions have come up and I am working through them.

Since my last post here are some of the plushies I have modded lately.

Aurora Yukon Husky For J.H /// Aurora Wolf For J.H /// Ecokins Wolf For Kai Yote /// Destination Nation Husky For Archie /// BAB GSD For F.C /// Perfect Jaag Giant Wolf For Mighty Red Wolf /// BAB GSD For SongBird /// Classic Bambi For RP422 /// Yukon Husky For C.G.C /// Perfect Aurora Wolf For C.L /// Wild Republic Cub Fox For Yuma /// Perfect Plushlife Wolf For RedHuskyWolf /// Herm Cuddlekins Wolf For Z.E /// Cuddlekins Wolf For Mighty Red Wolf /// Kirby For FireBall /// Wild Republic Fox For D.D /// Baxter Plushies /// Perfect Custom Rainbow Dash MLP /// Fiesta Sea Otter For J.H /// Winnie The Pooh Bunny For Snowball /// Jumbo Stitch For LStitch /// Aurora Wolf For Chiliofthepeppers /// Little Stitch Gift For Myself /// Aurora Camilla Jumbo Cheetah For L.K