Scattercoon (Commission Sold)

Oh my a newcomer to the site! its a huge jumbo giant Jagg Racoon!
It is as big as my large stitch is! take a look!

Modded for Deihnyx (Chicago USA) 11/9/2015 … Made by Jagg

What a treat don't get to ever work on racoons! look at dat tail! this big boy was modded with a V2 SPH tailhole to fit Bad Dragons Dukes Butt toy! and it came out great! used multi colored satin red and pink to match the BD toy. The pink insert is remove-able with the use of metal snaps and the whole mod is hide able thanks to its hidden zipper!

Don't even have to really say how nice the Jagg plushies are they put a lot of quality into their plushies! the fur feels wonderful and its soooooo big.

You can check out its tag info in the pictures as well as how the mod works and size comparison pictures!

If you would like this plush or your own plush modded make sure to contact me at HAWTFUR@GMAIL.COM … Thanks for viewing!