Peaches (Commission Sold)

It's Peaches! Modded For Angel M (Cali USA) Nov / 16 / 2015

Make sure to check out the photo gallery of this big bear as it shows off how the mods work! and some nice comparison photos.

This wonderful bear was modded with three different SPHS! someone is gonna be busy with this bear! a V2 Pink Satin Pussy SPH and a V2 Pink tailhole SPH both have removable matching pink satin inserts with the use of metal snaps and both are hiddeable with a hidden zipper!

But the real gem of this plush is up top! its muzzle SPH! which isnt something I do often, muzzles can be tricky to mod as this one was but it came out great with its V1 hot pink satin SPH with hidden zipper! I fit this mod to curve with the sides of its muzzle and I will say it came out great! one of the best SPH muzzle mods I have done yet I think!

If you would like this plush or your own plush modded make sure to contact me at HAWTFUR@GMAIL.COM … Thanks for viewing!