Perfect Stitch (Commission Sold)

Stitch commissioned and modded for LC Noose IV (NC USA) 5 / 4 / 2018

This stitch was modded with a v1 matching blue lush plush SPH, to fit the alien fleshlight! and has a blue hidden zipper! p.s. I modded its arms too, made them better.

Look how purrrfect this mod is, when its zipped up you cant even tell its modded! check out the video if you don't believe me! You could take stitch to fur parties and furcons and show him off and no one would even know :3! then unzip for the after party~

Also see how well the alien fleshlight matches stitch! its almost like it was ment for this plush! O: dont you wanna try it? commission me! life's too short what you waiting for! might as well get the best of the best~

If you would like your own plush perfect alien experiment dog modded please contact me (: HAWTFUR@GMAIL.COM … Thanks for viewing!