Perfect Coco (Furbuy Sold)

Coco the mare, Now for Furbuy Auction! *SOLD*

This Brown and white spotted horse is about 40 inches from head to tail and comes with a nice harness and saddle!

Coco is modded with a v1 SPH using black lush plush material to fit the “Dual Mare Toy” 😀

Its great fun for sharing with friends and double penetrating… the inside texture of both holes is the “wavy design” similar to bad dragon toys but the outside entrance of the mare pussy is really nice.. it grips you like a winking mare would.. and the tail hole is nice and tight.. both holes feel different in that regard..

Its my favorite toy now by far! way better feeling and quality then them boring old bad dragon toys for sure!
[To note this toy is new never used, I have my own personal duel mare toy as seen in the gallery photos]

if you are interested in getting this toy modded with a plush contact me at HAWTFUR@GMAIL.COM … Thanks for viewing!