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I am quite surprised by how popular this site has become in such a sort time (: already getting orders any everything man.. I really love you guys.. thank you so much!

Currently working on a commission order from a very nice new furriend in Norway! hes getting a huge stitch for him and his mate =) someone has great tastes! pics will come at some point.

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New Challengers Pikachu X Scruff

First two modded toys I’ll be selling publicly through Hawtfur! My ‘Pikachu’ plush which has a prototype SPH (Strategically Placed Hole) which can easily fit any sized guy 9″ and below. And ‘Scruff’ puppy plush! which has a smaller SPH.. but much nicer looking.. can easily fit guys 6″ and below Both can fit a fleshlight as well.. so they are good inserts (: !

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2012 Year Of The Otter

The start of a beautiful thing.. HawtFur is now online and fully operational..
Getting ready to mod lots of different plushies for you guys! check out the whole new site me and Neon help create!
Lots more coming soon!
I think you guys are really gonna enjoy it here (: