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Shake dat plush! intro Gus

Woo got done moding Gus! the teddy bear!
All modded and ready to ship check her out!
She is up for auction on furbuy!

Just wanted to mention as this is my only job at the moment.. So currently I can put in lots of time for hawtfur and modding.. so make sure to contact me if there is a plush you want! also thanks so much guys, already getting in some orders =D I am so happy you are all enjoying yourselfs.. really are helping me pay the bills.

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The Crossroads Of Destiny

Bluebun is being modded and is on hold for Pesquinox Otter (: good tastes in bunnies!

Also as you can see from the image above there is different satin colors I have to choice from.. so if theres a plush you like just grab me before I mod it.. and I can do whichever color and requests youd like. Just contact me!

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I am quite surprised by how popular this site has become in such a sort time (: already getting orders any everything man.. I really love you guys.. thank you so much!

Currently working on a commission order from a very nice new furriend in Norway! hes getting a huge stitch for him and his mate =) someone has great tastes! pics will come at some point.