Tricksta (Gallery)

A special thanks to the artist that motivated me to put in the effort to do this mod today. His picture *wanna get permission before I put in the gallery* inspired me.

Rarely do I get to mod plushies for myself but you may notice the reoccurring theme of a certain cartoon character all over this website. Well today I got to re-mod one of my giant ones and Ill have to say it came out perfect. This is by far my favorite personal mod I have done so far!

Modded with a v2 multi color satin SPH (it blends the colors I think it looks really nice) and hide-able with a hidden zipper that matches its fur color.

Took multiple shots using different contrasts because I think the mod is pretty thats why there's multiples. And some size comparison shoots too in the gallery.

If you would like this plush I [may] sell it someday for the right price but it means alot to me so depends.

If you would like your own plush modded then contact me at HAWTFUR@GMAIL.COM .. Thanks for viewing! Aug / 3 / 2015



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