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Birthday Update! STITCH!!

It was my Bday yesterday! wooot! It was sooo much fun! I went to Disney! first ventured off to Hollywood Studies aka MGM (which is the best park)! has the best attractions and shows like Indiana Jones stunt show, Muppet vision 3D! Lights motors actions extreme stunt show and the backlot tour are all really good attractions so then took a bus over to animal kingdom, saw some beastest there and pretty birds! Ended out the day in Epcot! went around the different countries of the world! had some dinner with lazors and fireworks! I will be uploading all the pics of the trip to my facebook! check em up there if you wanna see!

Also to note I saw soooooooo many stitch plushies! at all the parks! and a stitch suiter! OMG I was freaking out SO FING COOL. As well as a very interesting thumper plush which I am going to start selling because it is so nice! that will be updated soon in the /plushies/ tab!

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Just wanted to say that comments you post on /survey/ I read everytime it updates! things you say I take into consideration, helps me update the site as well and if there are personal requests I can do them! keep that in mind the plushies I have up for sale now on hawtfur dont have to be like the ones you’d wish to get! I can mod your own customs however you would want! just contact me! ps more plushies will be going up as well!

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Stitch Fix

Hey there hows it going! dont think I forgot about you guys! here to supply your daily stitch fix! this picture taken by me was in a store at downtown Disney! I feel pretty dang lucky to live right next to Orlando so if I ever wanna jump into a stitch pile its just a ride down the road! hehe so fun!! and a few other updates chocolate sold! and more plushy pals are going up soon!! that’s about it for now make sure to keep checking out /plushies/ and if you haven’t yet please do the /survey/! it really helps me out so much! thanks!! xoxo