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What a great con this year!, had a life changing time!, met lots of old furriends! and met many new ones too! Got art done for me, promoted hawtfur a whole lot! it is so nice having business cards to give out! OH! Took MANY pictures as well! posting some up on my FurAffinity but more so, I posted them all up onto my Facebook!!! But alas enough being on vaca! time to get back to work with plushies!

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Shine on you crazy diamonds

It really puts a smile on my face with all these emails, messages, comments, that I am getting, especially from the people taking the site /survey/! please continue to do so!!

I have received many thankful replies, for putting up such a site as HawtFur. Many people telling me that they have never even seen or knew about such things before!

That hawtfur such a gem on the internet! in this day and age.. Well I plan to continue to have this business, to grow and expand onto it! as time passes, make it bigger, better, nicer then anything else like it before!..

Well that is why I am doing it folks! for education. That there are communities out there, both IRL & online with members from all around the world, (literally I am already getting in orders from the USA, Canada!!! a lot lol. UK, England, Poland, Finland, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan) too many places to even remember now.. from people that share your interests and passions.. so enjoy your life style, dont feel that it is awkward, do not be afraid and hide it.. there is really no need trust me.. Thanks once again everyone! please share this site with your furriends! luvuxoxo

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Plz Help!! & Domain For Sell!

Sadly it has been slow this month )= it will need to be more consistent then this if I wish to do this as a full time job! as I need $ and you need plushies! I need to move product! so I am willing to work out some deals!!! =D

I could also really use your guys help! if you know any furriends that have interest into getting a plush please inform them about HawtFur! It would be such a huge help to me!

As well as I do have a spare domain name ( That I do not need and am currently selling! if interested in it please contact me!

Or if you can donate! that would be so helpful!! please consider! THANK YOU!