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New plushies! excited?

Sorry this has been the longest span of time between a news update on my site you guys must have blue balls for sure.. this week has been flying by so quick I lost track of time! been busy, well anyways!

Might wanna look under /plushies of the site! as I posted up some new ones for sale! If you are interested in any of them make sure to contact me & let me know what you want done to them =)!

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One true otter destiny

Now that the site is back up!! wooo thanks for the patience, now back to my plushies!

Also question to consider.. if you tie up a fursuiter and play with him, isnt it just the same as playing with a big helpless plushy =) something to think about!!

And keep in mind I am still taking plush commissions. Either on plushies you want custom made or your own plush pals you can send to me and I will mod them up for you! regardless just contact if interested!

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Site Outage!

Sorry the site has been offline!!! I got it up now I just gotta fix and import everything again to this new host I got. please stand by! thank you!

Update! fixed most everything hopefully wont have to do this again! now I can get back to my plushies!

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Rabbits inbound!

Jeez I dont know what it is but you guys sure do love rabbits.. cant blame you tho.

Blossom has been mailed out. shes also has new pics I uploaded of her finished, so check them out!

As well as Rabbit is done modding with 3 SPHs!! you heard me right! three! lots of pictures of her showing off as well just look shes a real hottie!!!