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Plz Help!! & Domain For Sell!

Sadly it has been slow this month )= it will need to be more consistent then this if I wish to do this as a full time job! as I need $ and you need plushies! I need to move product! so I am willing to work out some deals!!! =D

I could also really use your guys help! if you know any furriends that have interest into getting a plush please inform them about HawtFur! It would be such a huge help to me!

As well as I do have a spare domain name ( That I do not need and am currently selling! if interested in it please contact me!

Or if you can donate! that would be so helpful!! please consider! THANK YOU!

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Alien and a Godess

Finished up a stitch commission and Mew for some customers! very fun projects! photo shoots are up! got carried away this time! & Make sure to see the other plushies I still got up for sale! =)

Also I am trying to promote the business more and find different individual plush commissioners to work out some deals and cross advertise business! if you are interested make sure to contact me!

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I know its a bit early for it, but might as well plan! thats how things get done!
I am really tempted and thinking about going on the furrycrusie this year.

I went on another cruise a few months ago and let me tell you that it is LIFE CHANGING. And the fact that there is a furry cruise is MIND BLOWING.

If anyone else has plans to go on it hit me up!!!!!! as if I do go Ill need room mates!! Deadline for it is Sept 10th to pay. Dec 2nd it leaves out from florida! All the info is here in this link!!!!

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New plushies! excited?

Sorry this has been the longest span of time between a news update on my site you guys must have blue balls for sure.. this week has been flying by so quick I lost track of time! been busy, well anyways!

Might wanna look under /plushies of the site! as I posted up some new ones for sale! If you are interested in any of them make sure to contact me & let me know what you want done to them =)!