Pinkie Pie (Commission Sold)

69 is password to video if it doesnt play.

Yes yall! its pinkie pie! from My little pony friendship is magic!
sold by Funrise Toy Corp and modded for Aticus.

You know I was really wondering when I would be modding a my little pony, I knew it would come sooner or later but I wasnt expecting Pinkie Pie to be the first one Id get to mod… more so Rainbow Dash but regardless its a very nice pony gurl.. I can see why her master wanted her modded..

She is modded with a V2 SPH mod (Check commissions page for more info), done in pink satin and can fit guys up to 7 inches as well the SPH can be removed. Also she can be zipped up as well for discreet carry… and can certainly fit fleshlights.. Thanks for viewing!



I have decided to make Pinkie Pie
a permanent attention to HawtFur, as well the entire MLP cast.
If you would like any plush modded for you including MLP then just contact me at HAWTFUR@GMAIL.COM =)