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I think I have waited long enough to say this but Merry Christmas everyone I have news!! all plushies are going on hold effectly till after christmas.. the week is going to be too hectic so just a heads up. Hope everyone is getting together for the holidays.. xoxo till then!

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Black December

Its that time of the year where I am very busy… up and coming until Christmas I will be! so MERRY CHRISTMAS!
if you haven’t checked out my commission page you should as I updated it like crazy.. more updates will be coming I promise! but till then!!!


Its so nice some of the perks of this position… like getting to experience and handle some of the BEST made quality plushies… this is my second time with an older gen Aurora plush, let me tell you.. finest fur Ive ever felt..

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That time of the year.

You all know whats coming up.. CHRISTMAS! so I have been very busy, many commissions at the moment.. MANY pictures, plenty of photo shoots coming on HawtFur! if you wanna send or buy a plush from me this next month will be craziest for me but after that will start to chill out again!

Thanks to Matt again for more of his pics =D

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Good vs Evil

First off Thanks to matt for this image of winter stitch and his cherry plushies very sweet if theres any HawtFur visitors that would like their images posted on the site I may do so as well plz contact =)

Second sorry to say I’ve been super busy with black friday coming! duhhh dunn! and then Christmas so busy time for me! I am sorry but there are many updates..

Been taking some suggestions, now adding some new things to the site like commissions information, pricing for mods & such. as well as more info about hawtfur, plushies, photoshoots and more!.

Also since last update I sold Dionysus and Benji.. but! Caramel and Lavender are still for sale on furbuy! so checkem out!

p.s. Currently I am working on many different commissions at once so just want you guys to know I love you all and xoxo