SuperMush (Commission Sold)

By Aurora sold to “KPuppy” from UK

Gen 2.5 Super Mush by Aurora!
Where it was bought.

Can honestly say this is the best quality plush you can get period.
The fur is unbelievable on it so soft purfect pillow buddy!

This pup was modded with a v2 multiple changeable inserts.. so the sleeve is white inside and can fit 3 different inserts made from satin, fur and velvet (as seen in images) so it has 3 completely different feels =D can be interchanged and hold into place with buttons.. all the whole mod can be zipped up and hidden from other pring eyes (: inserts fit up to 9 inch guys and the sleeve can fit fleshlights and toys of the sort.

Aurora also does custom plush orders starting at 1k

If you would want a plush like this or your own custom done,
please contact me at HAWTFUR@GMAIL.COM
Thanks so much for viewing!