Snow Leopard (Furbuy Sold)

Jasmine the snow leopard! Furbuy Link~ *SOLD* 3 / 12 / 2018

This leopard is 27 inches from head to butt tall and 17 inches from side to side, and I love its fur pattern so much it matches my bedding! and this plush is bigggggg and plump nice belly and cute little scarf it comes with!

Modded with a V2 Matching white lush plush fabric SPH, very soft and the mod fits and comes with a Pussy masturbatory toy for guys up to 8 inches in length! very nice tight toy with a good texture inside~ (: and mod has a hidden zipper so you can zip her up and hide her mod while its not in use for cuddles! shes purrfect in every way and needs a loving home :3

If you would like your own plush modded contact me at HAWTFUR@GMAIL.COM … Thanks for viewing!