Sasha (Commission Sold)

Yukon Plush Modded For Brain, Rising Sun MD Sep / 20 / 2012

If you would like this Yukon plush husky here it is for sale!

Customer sent in this husky plush for some sph work! he named her Sasha =) she is very beautiful! such nice design and fur on this one! gotta love them good husky plushies.

So I had to put up the photo shoot of her! here are the before and after images of her white satin sph, customer wanted it to be incognito, thus it being white to match its fur, so it might be hard to see =D as that is the point! secrets!

I do note that I did that A LOT of images this time but in my defense, not very often do I get to do a photo shoot with such a nice model! so sorry for all the pics! altho I am sure you guys wont mind it hehe!