Katarina (Commission Sold)


Trudi Husky powered by XTube

Katarina “Kat” the wonderful Trudi Husky plush!..
Was modded for Ian! (PA USA) 8 / 29 / 2018

I have never gotten to mod a Trudi plush before what a treat! they are so nice! very cute design and really love the fur materials they used for this plush!! it's very very soft~ high quality for sure.

This plush was modded with a V2 SPH with black lush (sew) plush fabric material to match the fitted Bad Dragon Hazel toy!.. it has a base sleeve sewn in and a removeable insert that can be used on its on and taken out with the use of metal snaps for cleaning. The mod also has a matching white hidden zipper so the SPH can be closed up while not in use :3! Link -> “Trudi Husky Marcus Plush” for sale.

If you would like your own plush modded contact me at HAWTFUR@GMAIL.COM ! … Thanks for viewing!