Jackie (Commission Sold)


Otter & Piutre GSD powered by XTube

This 1985 Piutre brand GSD https://www.piutre.com/
Jackie was modded for Logan (TX USA) 5 / 18 / 2018

I want to start off by saying this project was one of my most challenging and time consuming plush mods I've done lets break it down. (All this can be seen in the photos gallery) [some shots redone in multiple types of lighting filters]


1. Frame removal, definitely this took the most time and was the biggest pain to do, cut open the back of this plush and also had to cut into each of its legs to remove the stitching so that the frame could be pulled out. {companies plz stop putting nasty metal frames into stuffed animals kthx}

2. Stuffing, as you will see in the pictures not only was the steel frame removed but also the horrible, disgusting, putrid, vile, sinful, dirty, crusty “stuffing” [cancer] aka the left over 1985 factory floor fur bits mixed together with left over threads mashed up with home insulation and bits of rust all over from the old rusted frame mashed together. Removing it was like getting burning inching fiberglass all over my arms, after all of it was removed put into a box and burned, I wanted to remove that filth from this earthy realm. Then took a long bath with mixed in holy water while I cried and drank vodka. ^ 3^ anywho. Restuffed with proper stuffing so she doesnt feel like a foam brick anymore.

3. Repairs, fixing all its bits and tears, there was a really crud repair job to the forehead using off color white thread, so I redid that to look like new, there was a slit under its front arm meeting the body I repaired, one of its foot paws had worn apart so patched that up and FOUND A HOLE UNDER ITS TAIL, SOMEONE HAD BEEN FUCKING IT OH IDK 30 YEARS AGO LITERALLY, no wonder the stuffing smelled so bad and was all crusty and stuck together, yep fixed that too. I also moved forward its back left leg as it was slightly off to make them symmetrical. This dog also came with a “sheath” from the factory so removed that during its sex change.

4. Adult Modding. After all that mess was done and she got a nice spray down with some Ravishing Love By Victoria`s Secret [really good scent] did relocate the tail higher up on its backside to fit the SPH mod. This dog was modded with a V1 black lush (sew) plush cookie. Shes perfect now.

I knew once she was all fixed up and modded shed be a really good dog, turned out a lot better then I was expecting! I know her owner will give her a loving home.

If you would like your own perfect dogo plush modded contact me at HAWTFUR@GMAIL.COM … Thanks for viewing!