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Everyones favorite space dog from space!

This is the new style Disney Jumbo plushies 25″ inch. The biggest stitch plushies made at the moment.
Common might as well get one :3 it isn’t weird, you only live once might as well enjoy it ^^~

Has a dark navy blue back coat with light blue front chest fur. Big blue paws and big pink ears.

“Hawaii’s favorite extra-terrestrial creature would love to land in your arms. This soft and cuddly Stitch Plush has come down to earth to get a hug just from you. And don’t be fooled by his alien looks – at heart he’s just a big softy.”

(Images in photo gallery are EXAMPLES of what plush will look like once finished.)
“Soldier Blue” 106c is the matching color hidden zipper.
Cost covers plush, materials, modding and shipping.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Check out my /commissions/ page to see additional information and pictures of my mods.
If you would like a custom commission done make sure to contact me at HAWTFUR@GMAIL.COM

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