Omen Halloween Party (Commissions Sold)

Just in time for the candy party! Omen (KY, USA) 10 / 17 / 2019

Starting off with the overlord of all deers, bambi the perfect gurl. Modded with three SPH’s, a V1 muzzle mod and V1 tailhole mod sized to be used raw by the customer.. also a V1 deer hole mod 🙂 sized to fit fleshlight toys. Pink faux fur material was used for all 3 of its deer bits. A tail transplant was done in order for better fitting the two different SPHS in its backside. (as seen in the gallery) also I re-stuffed up this plush more it was lacking some stuffing.

Spotty dog was modded with a V3 K9 cookie mod using matching white faux fur material! sized to fit the customer raw.. looks like it came as is from the factory OWO;..

Lady was modded with a V1 muzzle mod using pink lush plush material, also has an V1 SPH using experimental vinyl material from germany.

The goffa black and white horse was modded with a matching white faux fur material V1 SPH, sized to fit the Duel mare toy from dirtyinternettoys. A tail transplant was done in order for better fitting of the SPH.

The dark brown deer was modded with an experimental V4 type of SPH. “Diamond” shaped mod using black faux fur material (had to lighten up some of the images to show it off.. hard to see with this color/type of material.. might be doing more of these later)

If you would like your own plush modded contact me at HAWTFUR@GMAIL.COM … Thanks for viewing!