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Disney Jumbo Angel 25 inches tall. This plush has the option to fit one or two SPH mods as desired.

Everyones favorite space doggo girl from outer space!

“Experiment 624 has her antennae out in the hope of tracking down some hugs. Destined to steal the heart of that mischievous space alien Stitch, this detailed large soft Angel plush will make you love her, too!”

Look at how big her antennae are O3O such wow! might as well get one :3 it isn’t weird right? only live once might as well enjoy it ^^~

(Images in photo gallery are EXAMPLES of what plush will look like once finished.)
Cost covers plush, materials, modding and shipping. Sex toy is not included.
Color “322” Thread. & “Carnation Z35” Zipper.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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