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Hello everyone from sofurry! nice to see you here =D

Welcome to HawtFur! for those of you not acquitted
with my site… basically I sell custom adult plushie mods
for furriends all around the world! it is very excising!

Would highly recommend checking out the /plushies/
page & /commissions/ as they have a lot of really good information and images for yall new visitors to see!

=^3^= Take a look around.. make yourselves as home, feel free to /contact/ if you want a plush done up for yourself!

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Best speak my mind while I have the opportunity to do so, I just wanted to thank you guys so much sorry it’s been awhile since my last update but.. a lot has been going on mostly in the back end of things, updating a lot of the plushies pages, as well as the commissions page with a new video, many more images & bits of changes to the details.

Now as far as custom plushies I’ve been working on.. Umbreon I just finished the other night, I am very proud of this one (: as you can see in her profile page.

Lucario will be next coming in from another customer and a big wolf! as well hehe

Be sure to check out my page on furbuy for other toys I will be selling now!