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Quick update.. I have 3 horse plush commissions going on right now.. and two husky commissions! of course more plushies up on furbuy for auction! check em out! love you guys!

Pre vaca info.. I have going on vacation to the bahamas! so there will be a bit of a hiatus till I am back.. Ill be gone Apr 8th – 16th going on a cruise with carnival just like last year! cant wait!

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“March” of the horses

I dont know what it is right now but I currently have 3… THREE horse plush commissions going on right now! .. holy sh** its getting real guys.. love you for it! of course all kinds of info coming soon on that hehe

Also p.s. for anyone that hasnt seen I whipped up another Rabbit for a furriend! info, pictures and a video are here!

Rabbit pt2 (Commission Sold)

AND MegaCon 2013 was super cool as well! holla!

glooommmy bearrr~

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Pinkie Pie!

Pinkie Pie is done! what a very special plush to mod.. the first pony in the series of My Little Pony Friendship Of Magic plushies I will be doing! & guess what! Rainbow Dash! is NEXT@!! exciting.

Certainty it will not be the last mlp I will be doing.
~Bronys rejoice~

Special Thanks to Matt and also thanks for all the support guys really appreciate it, it is really quite life changing, gives me more opportunity for my own personal hobbys branch out, making it into a business! cant thank you enough.