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Site Outage!

Sorry the site has been offline!!! I got it up now I just gotta fix and import everything again to this new host I got. please stand by! thank you!

Update! fixed most everything hopefully wont have to do this again! now I can get back to my plushies!

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Rabbits inbound!

Jeez I dont know what it is but you guys sure do love rabbits.. cant blame you tho.

Blossom has been mailed out. shes also has new pics I uploaded of her finished, so check them out!

As well as Rabbit is done modding with 3 SPHs!! you heard me right! three! lots of pictures of her showing off as well just look shes a real hottie!!!

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Full time yiffing machine

Been super busy the past few days! modding and shipping out plushies to their new owners!
Blossom is done and a photoset will come out for her soon! working on rabbit now! with 3 sphs! And I got in more stitch plushies! pics soon to come for you guys!!! btw more stitches!!

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The party never ends

Metro-con was a blast! met up with lots of furriends & suiters =) Thanks to everyone that hung out, had a blast! I got walked, leash trained & everything what a great time!! Click here to check out the pictures!!!

Also got to promote HawtFur a lot! handed out quite a few of my business cards, even some furries already knew about HawtFur and the plushies I mod!! quite a handful of them said they already saw my stuff on furbuy!! made me blush that they knew what I do with the stitch I was carrying around… hehe I was quite surprised!

I will be modding more plushies today so make sure to check up soon on em!

Heads up as well that the megaplex furcon is coming up next month in Orlando Florida July 27 to 29th! be sure that I will be going! more updates about that on a later date! Love you all! see you soon