Omens Plush Hoard (Commissions Sold)

Bunch of plushies modded for Omen (KY, USA) 5 / 16 / 2019

With Rudolph I had to give it an ass exorcism (as seen in photo gallery) it had a cardboard frame inside of it which was removed and the plush was re-stuffed up more, also it was modded with a V1 SPH slit using matching tan faux fur and was sized to fit the realflesh sex toy.

The Japanese stitch was modded with three different SPHS using matching blue lush plush material, sized to fit the customer. A V1 muzzle SPH, a V1 tailhole SPH, and a V3 alien k9 plush cookie mod. Now I know what you are thinking “but HawtFur that cookie is upside down isnt it??” well of course not silly its an alien k9 cookie : D it’s the right way.

The simba plush was modded with a V1 pink fashion faux fur SPH and the nala was modded with a V1 grey dense faux fur SPH, both sized to fit the customer.

And the tigger was modded with two V1 matching color orange SPHs, used lush plush material.

If you would like your own plush modded contact me at HAWTFUR@GMAIL.COM … Thanks for viewing!